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Secure telework solutions for efficient remote productivity

The challenge of business continuity in telework

Your business could be faced with a situation that forces your team to stay at home or to be repositioned quickly. To limit the inability to continue your operations, get ready with our secure remote work solution.

Thanks to our partnership with Fortinet and their virtual private networks (VPN), rest assured that your entire team will work securely as if they were in the office. In addition to a secure connection, protecting your workstations with FortiClient and FortiAuthenticator’s multifactor authentication solutions (MFA), you will be able to continue your work in a controlled and safe environment.

This partnership also offers you cutting edge support integrating complete outsourcing with documentation and ticketing system, particularly appreciated when your resources are relocated.

Make sure you have the necessary tools for any eventuality with les Réseaux Cyr.

Aren’t you ready for a crisis?

Do you want to ensure the continuity of your business?

Profiles of the remote worker

The level of technology need depends on the profile of each employee. At Réseaux Cyr, we understand that. Depending on the level of access their position grants them, the solutions are diverse.

The Standard Teleworker

The standard teleworker needs access to email, teleconferencing, software and shared files to do their job. Of course, he will need a secure connection to the corporate network to do his job. Thanks to the VPN client software offered with each Fortigate, it will be able to easily connect and authenticate correctly with the company.

Advanced user

The advanced user has greater needs than the previous one. It will need to connect to several different IT environments. It is the employee who will need to assist others in their work or the emergency personnel. He may need FortiAp wireless access which allows him to have a secure connection with a tunnel to the corporate network.

Super User

A super user is an employee who processes extremely confidential and sensitive information. This is the key person in your continuity plan. For this super user, the home becomes an alternative office. To do this, we will install a FortiGate with all the features of the new generation firewall, VoIP telephony and a FortiAp wireless access point.

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